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PendoTECH flowmeters and monitors are designed to deliver highly accurate flow measurements for bioprocessing applications. Different applications require different flow measurement technologies and features. Coriolis technology offers the highest level of accuracy and the measurement principle is not impacted by changes in viscosity and conductivity. The PendoTECH Coriolis Flow Meter has a compact design and a plastic PFA fluid path. For flow measurement for water-like fluids, PendoTECH offers single use rotary flowmeters, single use ultrasonic flowmeters and a compact low-flow ultrasonic flowmeter that has a re-usable fluid path.

PendoTECH Single Use Rotary Flow meter

PendoTECH Single Use Ultrasonic Flow meters

PendoTECH Coriolis Flow meter

PendoTECH Low-flow Ultrasonic Flow meter (Compact/Reusable)

Compatible with tubing to existing re-usable rotary flow meters on the market, our Disposable Rotary Flow Meters provide a low-cost alternative solution for filtration and chromatography processes. When connected to the PendoTECH Flow Monitor, the flow meter’s rotor enables precision liquid measurement, value monitoring and data communication for streamlined data management.

Ordering Information:

  • FM-22WV: Single Use Rotary Flowmeter rotor, non-sterile, PVDF, 1/4inch hose barb
  • FM-22WV-E: Electronic assembly for one PVDF rotor with1/4inch hose barb (includes one rotor)
  • FM-23WV: Single Use Rotary Flowmeter rotor, non-sterile, PVDF, 1/2inch hose barb
  • FM-23WV-E: Electronic assembly for one PVDF rotor with 1/2inch hose barb (includes one rotor)
  • FMT-S: PendoTECH Premium Flow Meter Monitor with LCD and white backlit display, 4-20mA output, serial port, 12-24VDC power input range

The LEVIFLOW® single-use flowmeters are for ultrasonic flow measurements in many different applications in the Biopharm Industry. Figure 1 illustrates the operating principle. Two piezoelectric transducers, mounted in the sensor housing, generate and receive an ultrasonic wave. The wave going in direction of the flow (with-stream wave) is accelerated and the wave going against the flow direction (against-stream wave) is slowed down. The two waves are processed by the PendoTECH Leviflow® Sensor Monitor. The difference of the transit time of both waves is proportional to the velocity of the fluid. The monitor has a digital LED display for the flow reading. It also has both a 4-20mA analog output and a digital frequency output. These outputs facilitate interface of the monitor to other systems for process control and data acquisition.

The standard configuration of the LEVIFLOW single-use flow meters (Figure 2) consists of a flow sensor and the PendoTECH LEVIFLOW Sensor Monitor with a digital signal processor (DSP) for processing the sensor signals.
• High precision (1%) flow measurement
• Flow sensor can be used as single use to prevent cross-contamination or re-used
• No moving parts -> no particle generation
• Improved bubble robustness due to DSP technology
• Easy integration into OEM equipment
• The wet materials of the single-use sensors fabricated from biocompatible (FDA, USP-VI,
BSE/TSE and Animal free) gamma sterilizable polypropylene (PP).

• TFF filtrate flow
• Normal flow/depth filtration
• Chromatography

PendoTECH’s Coriolis Flow meter (PCFM) Series is a family of flow meters that rely on a unique sensor to measure mass flow rate. Containing two flow-sensitive elements that are vibrated relative to one another (similar to the tines of a tuning fork), the PCFMs are ideal for tangential flow filtration, depth filtration and chromatography.

Ordering Information:

  • PCFM-31 PendoTECH Coriolis Flow Meter with 3/8 inch OD with flow measurement from 12 – 1,500grams/min
  • PCFM-32 PendoTECH Coriolis Flow Meter with 3/8 inch OD with flow measurement from 12-4000mL/min
  • PCFM-82 PendoTECH Coriolis Flow Meter with 1/2 inch ID with flow measurement from 750 – 24,000grams/min

PendoTECH’s innovative Ultrasonic Flow meter provides inline flow monitoring, utilizing a straight-through PFA tube that uses proven ultrasonic flow-sensing technology to eliminate the need for moving parts or mechanical seals.

Ordering Information:

  • FM-US-LF-C: Low Flow Ultrasonic Benchtop Flow Meter (1/16in ID), flow range 2-200mL/min (with 24 VDC power supply & output signal connector)

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