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PendoTECH flow meters and monitors are designed to deliver highly accurate flow measurements for bioprocessing applications. Different applications require different flow measurement technology and features. Coriolis technology offers the highest level of accuracy and the measure principle is not impacted by changes in viscosity and conductivity. Available products are a unique liner for a traditional stainless steel Coriolis flow meters that eliminate the need cleaning of the flow meter that saves time and prevents cross contamination. The PCFM line are low cost Coriolis flow meters with a compact design and a plastic PFA fluid path. For more basic flow measurement for water-like fluid, a single use rotary flow meter is available along with a low flow ultrasonic flow meter with a re-usable unobstructed fluid path.

PendoTECH Coriolis Flowmeter liner data sheet

PendoTECH Coriolis Flowmeter data sheet

PendoTECH Rotary Flowmeter data sheet

PendoTECH Ultrasonic Flowmeter data sheet

A Single Use Solution for High Accuracy Flow Measurement Applications that adopts to an E+H Coriolis PROMASS I flow meter. The PendoTECH Coriolis Flowmeter Liner is patented technology that eliminates the need to clean-in-place the flowmeter. The liner prevents contact of liquid with the internal surface of the flowmeter to achieve this. The liner must be threaded through the flowmeter and each liner comes with a wand to facilitate this. After the liner is installed through the flowmeter a secure connection is made to a fluid path by either a Barblock®, Oetiker® Clamp, or a tubing welder. After installation approximately 7psi (0.5 bar) is required to inflate the liner to the wall of the flowmeter, but during operation the pressure can be lower (approx 4 psi). After use, the tube connected to the liner maybe plugged or sealed depending on tubing type and withdrawn from the flowmeter.

Two Sizes Available: ¼ inch inner diameter & ½ inch inner diameter for measurement up to 30L/min

  • Liner manufactured from C-Flex® and meets USP Class VI
  • 100% Tested during manufacturing
  • Manufactured and packaged in a clean room
  • Designed for use with Endress+Hauser model PROMASS I

Ordering Information:

  • FML-N-025: PendoTECH Coriolis Flowmeter Liner, 1/4 inch size
  • FML-N-050: PendoTECH Coriolis Flowmeter Liner, 1/2 inch size

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Barblock® and Cflex® are a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation.

PendoTECH’s Coriolis Flowmeter (PCFM) Series is a family of flow meters that rely on a unique sensor to measure mass flow rate. Containing two flow-sensitive elements that are vibrated relative to one another (similar to the tines of a tuning fork), the PCFMs are ideal for tangential flow filtration, depth filtration and chromatography.

Ordering Information:

  • PCFM-31 PendoTECH Coriolis Flow Meter with 3/8 inch OD with flow measurement from 12 – 1,500 grams/min
  • PCFM-32 PendoTECH Coriolis Flow Meter with 3/8 inch OD with flow measurement from 12-4000mL/min
  • PCFM-82 PendoTECH Coriolis Flow Meter with 1/2 inch ID with flow measurement from 750 – 24,000 grams/min

Compatible with tubing to existing re-usable rotary flow meters on the market, our Disposable Rotary Flow Meters provide a low-cost alternative solution for filtration and chromatography processes. When connected to the PendoTECH Flow Monitor, the flow meter’s rotor enables precision liquid measurement, value monitoring and data communication for streamlined data management.

Ordering Information:

  • FM-22WV: Single Use Rotary Flowmeter rotor, non-sterile, PVDF, 1/4 inch hose barb
  • FM-22WV-E: Electronic assembly for one PVDF rotor with1/4 inch hose barb (includes one rotor)
  • FM-23WV: Single Use Rotary Flowmeter rotor, non-sterile, PVDF, 1/2 inch hose barb
  • FM-23WV-E: Electronic assembly for one PVDF rotor with1/2 inch hose barb (includes one rotor)
  • FMT-S: PendoTECH Premium Flow Meter Monitor with LCD and white backlit display, 4-20mA output, serial port, 12-24VDC power input range

PendoTECH’s innovative Ultrasonic Flowmeter provides inline flow monitoring, utilizing a straight-through PFA tube that uses proven ultrasonic flow-sensing technology to eliminate the need for moving parts or mechanical seals.

Ordering Information:

  • FM-US-LF-C: Low Flow Ultrasonic Benchtop Flow Meter (1/16in ID), flow range 2-200mL/min (with 24 VDC power supply & output signal connector)
  • FM-US-LF-I: PendoTECH Low Flow Ultrasonic Flow Meter (1/16in ID), flow range 2-100mL/min with no display, Freq signal with 6 feet (2meters) cable for connection to PendoTECH Process Control System

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