Perfusion Controller.

Perfusion Controller

For a continuous bioreactor perfusion process the PendoTECH Perfusion Controller has the ability to monitor and control the perfusion process separate from the bioreactor. The controller can monitor three PendoTECH Single Use Pressure Sensors that are integrated to alarms to monitor the performance of an external perfusion device such as a hollow fiber filter. These three pressures (Pin, Pret, and Pfil) are used to calculate delta-P and TMP which are required to measure filter performance. The Bioreactor Vessel weight control feature is used to replenish fresh media as spend media is removed by the filtrate pump in a constant flow set to a certain vessel volumes per day. The temperature can also be logged external to the vessel with a PendoTECH Single User Temperature Sensor. The filtrate scale can also be used to confirm amount of spent media removed. All data is logged to the file and can be trended to measure performance over a lengthy run.

PendoTECH Perfusion Controller Data Sheet

  • Compact footprint to minimize bench space and designed to support a peristaltic pump
  • Integral ring stand post to hold a filter module
  • Vessel weight control by use of a vessel scale and a vessel media feed pump
  • Perfusion pump control
  • Filter feed pump control
  • Pressure monitoring of external perfusion device, such as a hollow fiber filter (including filtrate pressure monitoring to indicate filter clogging) with PendoTECH Single Use Pressure SensorsTM
  • Optional monitoring of temperature in perfusion loop with PendoTECH Single Use Temperature Sensor
  • Graphical User Interface with trending of process data and logging of data to a file
  • Built-in data server to exchange data with OPC client software such as PI from OSIsoft®
  • Filtrate scale to measure perfusion weight per day
  • Additional inputs to log data from optional sensors
  • Both minimum and maximum pressure alarms that will stop the pumps

  • PendoTECH Single Use Pressure SensorsTM
  • PendoTECH Single Use Temperature Sensors

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