They are Ideal for Process Development and Design of Experiments

PendoTECH Process Control Systems are available for complex process monitoring/control/data acquisition solutions. Standard Systems include TFF Process Control Systems, a Normal Flow Filter Screening System, a Virus-Depth Filtration System, and a Perfusion Controller System. The systems have complex software that integrate sensors and other devices such as pumps, scales, probes and many more accessories for complete process control versus process monitoring alone.

Filter Screening System

Filter Screening System (NFF)

The Filter Screening System is for filtration sizing and optimization studies. Up to 4 filter trains with 3 pressure sensors each (12 total) can be monitored so multiple filters can be tested simultaneously in comparative studies.

Cross Flow Filtration TFF System

TFF System Process Control System

The PendoTECH TFF Process Control System is an optimal solution that adds automation and data collection to a Cross Flow / Tangential Flow Filtration Process. It includes a powerful yet easy to use Graphical User Interface.

5 Station TFF Screening System

5 Station TFF Screening System

Carry out up to 5 Stations of a Tangential Flow Filtration/Crossflow Filtration Process experiments with completely independent control. It provides the ability to conduct parallel experiments in a compact footprint. There is complete batch control with 6 built-in programmable recipes.

Virus Depth Filtration System

Virus-Depth Filtration System

The PendoTECH Virus Filtration-Depth Filtration Process Control & Data Acquisition System adds automation with its pre-programmed functions for different process steps and automated process endpoints. Pilot Cart includes automated inlet valve selection and filter flush valves.

Perfusion Controller

Perfusion Controller

For a continuous bioreactor perfusion process the PendoTECH Perfusion Controller monitors and controls the perfusion process separate from the bioreactor. The controller can monitor three PendoTECH Single Use Pressure Sensors that are integrated to alarms to monitor the performance of an external perfusion device such as a hollow fiber filter. It also maintains vessel weight.

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