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Browse our video collection below to learn more about how our bioprocessing equipment solutions can enhance biopharmaceutical manufacturing or process development.

Single Use Pressure Sensor Overview

PendoTECH’s Single Use Pressure Sensors measure static and dynamic pressure of gases and liquids in your biopharmaceutical processes – accurately and cost effectively.

PressureMAT Monitor Overview

Designed to integrate with PendoTECH’s Single Use Pressure Sensors the PressureMAT monitor includes an alarm, transmitter and monitor in one unit. The PLUS model can acquire data from other sensors. The PC Data Acquisition package makes it a powerful development tool.

Air Detector Delay Unit

PendoTECH Single Use Turbidity

PendoTECH On-line UV & Turbidity

PendoTECH is proud to offer In-line Single-Use UV Absorbance and Turbidity measuring and monitoring tools that collect data from the bioprocess fluid streams, while it is processing, resulting in less disruption to bioprocessing operations compared to measurements taken off-line.

PendoTECH Conductivity Sensors & Monitor

PendoTECH’s Single-Use Conductivity Sensors™ and Conductivity Monitor integrate for highly accurate conductivity and temperature measurements without the need for sensor calibration. All sensors have a pre-determined cell constant which is entered into the monitor.

PendoTECH Temperature Sensors & Monitors Overview

PendoTECH’s Single-Use Temperature Sensors™ enable a highly accurate temperature measurement. PendoTECH Single Use Temperature Sensors are extremely sensitive to temperature changes in critical in-line bioprocess applications. Accuracy is verified during manufacturing so no calibration is required.

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